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Jen Flatley

About Jen Flatley

Hey there my name is Jennifer Flatley and I am the owner of Flats Tattoos inherited by my father Guy Flatley , I have been tattooing now for 8 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love my career as an artist and everyday is different. My work ranges in a lot of styles, I like to be well versed and always push myself to be a better artist. I don’t want to be stuck in a box of one style.

My shop crew is my family and best friends and working alongside other great artists is a true honor. I have to thank my clients for their trust in my art and my ability to design and give them what they want .

I love working with people and constantly meeting and getting to know my clients. Flats has been in Groton CT for over 30 years and heres to another 30 !


Jen Flatley’s Recent Tattoos